‘The Martian’ (2015)

October_2_24_92_99_18.epsAfter the evacuation of a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is presumed dead and left behind by his crew. After a few hours Watney wakes up to notice that he is now the only living person on this deadly planet and that he has to survive the time until he gets rescued with very few supplies.

This science fiction survival film directed by Ridley Scott looks amazing! It’s the first time that Mars is being brought on screen by a blockbuster movie in a realistic way and it really shows us wonderful landscapes. This story taking place on it is full of hope but also full of very well distributed moments of desperationn, very well acted by Matt Damon. He is on screen most of the time of the movie and basically carries the weight of the movie on his shoulders. Mark Watney’s smart and humorous character instantly catches the viewer’s sympathy and provides them with interesting science facts, as well as with some very amusing moments.Watney has no family on earth and if he dies he knows that it would have been a noble death for a good cause, so he is willing to fight for his life but absolutely not scared of death. This makes the viewers like him even more, you could even say that the Matt Damon Scene The Martianviewers care way more about Mark Watney’s survival than himself. And this movie is all about that: Suffering for Watney’s life while he gets through the dangers of Mars, every time one step closer to death.

While approximately two thirds of the movie play with Mark Watney on Mars, the other third plays on earth showing the organization of Watney’s rescue. In this plot the big concerns like NASA are shown dealing with ethical, or rather UNethicall questions like ‘How much money is a human life worth?’ or ‘Can we risk more lifes to safe just one life?’, while Mark Watney is desperately fighting for his life.

It is a wonderful sci-fi movie only feeling a bit too long on its last half an hour. 

Rating 9/10

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