‘The 100’ – Season 2


p9980543_b_v9_afAfter the camp of the 100 withstood the grounder attack and then got imprisoned by those who seem to be the Mountain Men, Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Finn (Thomas McDonell) seem to be left alone in the woods with only two more survivors of the 100 and John Murphy (Richard Harmon), who seems to be ready to work hard to clean his reputation. They are lucky to find and join the survivors of the Ark, establishing a base and organizing research groups for the 100. Meanwhile, the 100 are being kept in Mount Weather as guests of the Mountain Men who seem to be the only people on earth to keep the pre-apocalyptic culture and traditions alive. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is the only one not trusting the Mountain Men and she manages to escape from the mountain with grounder leader Anya who gets accidentally shot by an Ark survivor right after. The ark survivors, now with Clarke, Bellamy, Finn, Murphy,Octavia and Raven, realize that they need an alliance with the grounders to free the 100 from Mount Weather. Clarke starts a long negotiation with new Grounder leader Lexa (Alycia Debnam Carey) while Jasper (Devon Bostick) finds out what is wrong with the Mountain Men and tries to lead the 100 out of Mount Weather himself.


If the first season of the 100 wasn’t Sci-Fi enough for you I’m sad to tell you some bad news: Season 2 has even less Sci-Fi than Season 1. But the good news is that this is the best direction this series could have taken! You could call the first season a post-apocalyptic, survival, intrigue series. But you can’t call season 2 that neither. The viewers know everything about the actual plot now, every question gets a quick answer and even unsolved questions from season one like ‘What’s the yellow fog?’ or ‘Where do the reapers come from?’ are answered in this season. So what keeps the plot interesting now? I think that EVRYONE will find something he likes about this second season of the 100, but what I clearly liked the most is the fact that in nearly every single episode we now have characters taking political and ethical decisions that have increased a lot in importance since the first season. Characters like Clarke, Bellamy or Jasper now take decisions clarke-gunand make sacrifices that cost or safe dozens of lives. That’s one more thing I absolutely appreciate about The 100: It has its very dark, sad and dramatic moments but also very heroic and beautiful moments. The show has no piety with its characters, anyone could die at any time, it has already shown us that in season 1. It can be as cruel as it can be kind. And it can be very cruel! This show manages to be violent without showing nearly no violence. The psychological violence of the decisions the characters have to make or the situations they have to endure has a very violent effect on the viewers, who will for sure suffer with the characters thanks to the great performance of their actors who have improved a lot since season 1. The fact that thanks to the inclusion of the mountain men the show doesn’t have only two fractions anymore makes it no longer look like a too typical war between good and evil but way more indistinctly. Not even the viewer knows who is really good or evil and every fraction is given a plausible motivation for their actions. The story is told from the perspective of the 100 and the survivors of the Ark but with the inclusions of new main characters in each fraction, like Lexa with the Grounders or the Wallace family with the mountain men, you even feel pity with every fraction and want an happy ending for them all.
The-100-Commander-LexaOne of the best character inclusions in this second season is the previously mentioned new grounder leader Lexa, whose fantastic costume and makeup design is worth mentioning and surely led those viewers who disliked the first season of The 100 to give this second season a try. She and her relationship with Clarke are one of the main subjects of this season and it elaborated notably well in its ambivalence. She being the only grounder main character besides Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) also gives us a great and interesting insight into the grounders’ story and lifestyle.

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This whole season is about relationships and how they influence the characters in their decisions, Most of them influencing Clarke who is the one that has to take most of the difficult decisions. Clarke who was one of the rather uninteresting characters in season 1 has now through the influence of Finn, Lexa and her Mother developed to an interesting and strong main character capable of carrying a lot of the weight of this show on her shoulders and making it very good.


Rating 10/10

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