Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Rating: 10/10


(+) Amazing dystopian cyberpunk (dirty, pessimistic sci-fi)

(+) Beautifully and very artistically designed sets with an admirable love to detail (Makes this movie have to be seen on the big screen!)

(+) Impressive special effects

(+) Great very hooking plot

(+) Fantastic unforeseeable plot twists

(+) Stunning sound design and soundtrack (Again, watch it in cinemas if you have the possibility!)

(+) Really interesting sci-fi ideas/gadgets shown everywhere throughout the film

(+) Just as harsh an merciless with its characters as it needs to be

(+) Admirable social criticism

(+) Very good screenplay

(+) Fantastic acting performances (Great minimalistic acting by Ryan Gosling, who carries the movie!)

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