Stranger Things (Season 2)

Rating 8/10


(+) Dialogues are very well written and characters sound like actual relatable people

(+) Very good camera work

(+) Fantastic special effects (The production value of the show has vastly improved since the first season)

(+) Not as thrilling as Season 1 but still thrilling enough to involuntarily binge watch it

(+) The 80’s setting has again been brought to screen perfectly well

(+) Great acting performances

(+) Fantastic music with both soundtrack and 80’s hits

(+) Great special effects

(-) One episode I personally didn’t really like at all (episode in the city)

(-) This season has switched from horror/mystery to an adventure story (Some people might prefer that, but I preferred the thrilling mystery-horror from Season 1)

(-) The plot is way to foreseeable

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