Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Rating: 9/10




(+) Amazing anthagonist with in depth characterization and comprehensible motivation (Best comic film villain since The Dark Knight’s Joker!)

(+) Stunning plot development with great pace, surprisingly breaking the rules of  all previous Marvel Cinematic Universe movies

(+) Connects all MCU movies in very satisfying ways

(+) Convincingly transmitting the feeling that there is a lot at stake

(+) Vast amount of great looking special effects

(+) Nice comedic timing without giving it too much weight

(+) Great acting performances

(-) Unsmooth transitions between the several subplots

(-) Too many combats feeling like more of the same

(-) Several main characters seemingly carrying a lot of plot weight without having enough screen time (To the benefit of the anthagonist, who gets a lot of screen time)

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