Deadpool 2 (2018)

 Rating: 8/10


(+) Hilariously funny by breaking the fourth wall even more often than the first movie

(+) Great at making fun of the superhero/action movie genre and the Hollywood film industry itself as well as many celebrities including some that act in in this movie themselves

(+) Well performed action and great looking special effects, you can clearly see the budget increase for this second instalment

(+) When a joke hits, it hits hard and makes you laugh loud

(+) The plot is not too foreseeable and is way more interesting than the previous movie’s plot

(+) Many great and very surprising cameos

(+) Great acting performances

(+) Fantastic costume design

(-) By far not as funny as the first one. Even thou you will laugh a lot at given points it tries too hard to be funny by throwing as many jokes at you at any minimal ocassion, managing to even be annoying at some points

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