Mindhunter (Season 1)

Average Rating: 8,6


(+) Amazing character development, which seems to be the key point to have an eye on throughout the season.

(+) Great scientific approach to behavioral science in crime, psychology and sociology.

(+) The show’s highlights are it’s dialogues (which might sound boring), but the show manages to make some of the most tense scenes in tv-show history out of them.

(+) Fantastically written very relatable main characters.

(+) The show does great at exploring several ethical ‘grey zones’.

(+) The technical work is perfect, fantastic sound design and camera work, which contributes immensely to the tense atmosphere of the show.

(+) The show shocks audiences with it’s violence without showing it graphically.

(+) Great confrontation with America’s legal system.

(+) Impeccable acting performances.

(+) Good capture of the cultural and political ideas of the 80’s/70’s.

(-) It can be annoying that some subplots end shortly after they begin (but yet: remember that they exist to contribute to the character development).

(-) The show takes a couple of episodes to make clear where the plot is leading to.

(-) Many plot points seem to be picked up but not elaborated throughout the season, leaving viewers with unfulfilled expectations at the end of it.

Episode Ratings:

Episode 1: [7/10]

Episode 2: [9/10]

Episode 3: [8/10]

Episode 4:[8/10]

Episode 5: [8/10]

Episode 6: [9/10]

Episode 7: [9/10]

Episode 8: [9/10]

Episode 9: [9/10]

Episode 10: [10/10]

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