Hereditary (2018)

Rating: 8/10



(+) Subtle horror playing with the audience’s psych and not annoying with jump-scares.

(+) Amazing camera work, like i’ve never seen in the horror movie genre.

(+) You start not really knowing what is going on and when you start suspecting in which direction the movie is going, something happens that leaves everything open again.

(+) When something bad happens the movie doesn’t show it to you directly (like most horror movies) but it rather let’s you see the reactions of the people surrounding it. But yet… It doesn’t hesitate to show you some veeery nasty things.

(+) First half of the movie is a very well written drama but slowly setting an increasingly tense horror mood for it’s second half.

(+) Amazing acting performances.

(+) In the moments where you start feeling like you don’t need to be scared the movie shows you that YES, you need to be scared (the script is fantastically timed).

(+) The last 20 minutes are as intense as a horror movie can get.

(+) Great foreshadowing, making the movie worth to watch again.

(-) Towards the end more and more things start happening and less and less of them get a satisfying explanation.

(-) The movie had a very promising first half giving me hope that the plot would be different to all of nowadays horror movies, but it turned out to be pretty much as generic as the rest.


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