Sicario: Day Of The Soldado (2018)

Rating: 8/10


(+) Now a way clearer plot that is way easier to follow but yet has some great exciting and unexpected plot twists.

(+) Amazing acting performances (Incredible Benicio del Toro!).

(+) Great cinematography and beautiful sets.

(+) Very well performed realistic action at way larger scale than in the previous movie.

(+) Nice feeling of road trip and fight survival story in the second half of the movie.

(+) Emphasizes a lot on the consequences that drug cartels have on kids.

(+) Great subliminal political message (kind of anti US government).

(+) Good character development but yet a little slow.

(+) Great tense soundtrack.

(-) While the first movie could perfectly stand on it’s own and needed no sequel, this one is clearly meant to build up a franchise and it’s ending doesn’t round up the plot properly.

(-) This movie tries to emphasize on migration and terrorism but is not considered enough with the display of violence brought by these two factors. The violence just happens and lacks thematization.

(-) The plot development is a little too unrealistic compared to the great realism that this movie and its predecessor displays. Too many unlikely things happen in a row in order to push the plot forward.


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