Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017)

Rating: 3/10


(+) Occasionally pretty funny thanks to Kevin Hart’s very natural stand-up-comedy-like acting.

(+) Occasionally also funny for gamers, since the characters are trapped in a video and a couple of nice geeky jokes are made about it.

(+) A couple of nice callbacks to it’s predecessor.

(-) A couple of inappropriate jokes.

(-) Awful villain with no character at all.

(-) Really bad acting performances by some of the protagonists’ actors.

(-) Totally oversexualized characters.

(-) Awful looking special effects and way too many of them.

(-) Totally foreseeable plot with no surprises at all.

(-) Every dialogue in this movie is totally idiotic. At some point you can even predict every word they are going to say, by thinking of the most generic and dumbest things possible.

(-) It would be impossible to have more generic and boring characters (geeky boy, sporty boy, stupid fame bitch, nerdy girl).


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