Dark (Season 1)

Average Rating: 9,2/10


(+) Super thrilling plot with perfect development pace.

(+) Amazing cinematography.

(+) Vast amount of unforeseeable plot twists refreshing your excitement for the show after nearly every episode.

(+) Great character development,  greatly improved at some point by a sci-fi tool that I should better not spoil in this review.

(+) Super mysterious plot that feels rational and a little scientific, even though it clearly belongs to the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

(+) Amazing thrilling soundtrack.

(+) Great acting performances.

(+) Sets up tons of new questions in each episode and answers them at a good pace…

(-) …But leaves too many questions open at the end of the season.

Episode Ratings:

Episode 1: [9/10]

Episode 2: [8/10]

Episode 3: [9/10]

Episode 4:[8/10]

Episode 5: [10/10]

Episode 6: [10/10]

Episode 7: [10/10]

Episode 8: [10/10]

Episode 9: [9/10]

Episode 10: [9/10]

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