Mission: Impossible 2 (2000)

Rating: 4/10



(+) A couple of great little plot twists.

(+) Great sympathetic protagonist.

(+) The movie starts with a couple of good scenes where you get to know the characters.

(+) Great acting performances.

(+) Great menace giving the movie high stakes.

(+) The plot and the aims of the characters is always pretty clear (As opposed to the movie predecessor).

(-) Awful use of incredibly cheesy soundtrack.

(-) Women in this movie are tremendously over-sexualized…

(-) …And talked about in horrendous ways (Ex: Women are only good at lying and sleeping with men).

(-) Character actions and character development is totally irrational.

(-) Very silly romances predominating the plot of the movie.

(-) The fighting scenes are boring and way too long…

(-) …And the choreographies are incredibly over-the-top, cheesy and horrendously cut.


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