Mission: Impossible 3 (2006)

Rating: 8/10



(+) The protagonist now has a wife and while in the previous movie the romances where completely expendable, this one leads to a better, much more personal plot where the protagonist has to deal with the consequences that his actions could have on his personal life.

(+) Fantastic camera work with really beautiful set pieces and some real great long takes in action sequences.

(+) Fantastic acting performances.

(+) Good character development allowing great depth to some characters.

(+) Thrilling heist and action sequences.

(+) Well written dialogues.

(+) Good special effects.

(+) Great spy gadget ideas.

(+) Good soundtrack.

(-) Most of the plot moves around some world threatening tool and it is never clarified what it is (this allows the movie to focus on the protagonists personal motivations, but yet in annoyed me several times).

(-) In the whole mole sub-plot it is never really clear for which reason each character is on which side.

(-) Very generic spy movie plot (moles, damsel in distress…).


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