Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

Rating: 8/10



(+) Amazing, super intense action sequences.

(+) Super well choreographed raw fighting scenes.

(+) Very unpredictable plot thanks to the inclusion of many parties with some common and some contrary interests.

(+) This movie does great by being a pretty direct sequel to the previous movie and also picks up several plot points of older Mission: Impossible movies.

(+) Amazing villain with great depth and various different motivations.

(+) Fantastic team assembled, where all the characters complement each other very well and have already been established in previous installments.

(+) Great, complicated, but yet easy to follow, plot with amazing unpredictable twists.

(+) Great looking sets.

(+) Good mole subplot.

(+) Very well written dialogues.

(+) Great soundtrack.

(-) The movie loses comic relief that was established in the two previous installments and that pleased me so much. The movie now takes itself a bit too serious.

(-) No great ingenious heists and gadgets like in previous installments, feels more like a raw spy/action movie.


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