Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

Rating: 8/10



(+) Amazing very thrilling action sequences and stunts, non-stop throughout the movie.

(+) Very unpredictable plot thanks to the addition of a 3rd and 4th party (CIA and MI6).

(+) Amazing villain.

(+) Fantastic team assembled, where all the characters complement each other very well and have already been established in previous installments.

(+) Great, complicated, but yet easy to follow, plot with amazing unpredictable twists.

(+) Great female protagonist with good, interesting subplot.

(+) Amazing spy gadget ideas.

(+) Fantastic acting performances.

(+) Well written dialogues.

(+) Good special effects.

(+) Good soundtrack.

(-) Silly over-mentioning of friendship as primary motivation for character actions.

(-) Many plot devices start becoming far too repetitive in the franchise, everything going wrong at the beginning, the team having to handle everything on its own, and everything going perfectly fine at the end.


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