Naruto (Anime)


Average Rating: 8,8/10


(+) Transmitting several great subliminal messages.

(+) Great character development, leading to amazing depth in the characters and their relations between each other.

(+) Often very emotionally moving.

(+) Fantastically animated.

(+) Beautiful soundtrack.

(+) Amazing fighting scenes.

(+) Great complicated plot, even getting political from time to time.

(+) Superb world-building (a fascinating world with its own physical and political laws is established).

(-) Often a bit predictable and repetitive in its fight scenes.

(-) Silly simplistic depiction of the characters when they are kids (the characters start as kids and seemingly grow older throughout the show).


Arc Ratings:

(Episodes 1-19) Land of Waves: [7/10]

(Episodes 20-67) Chunin Exams : [9/10]

(Episodes 68-80) Konoha Crush: [10/10]

(Episodes 81-100) Search for Tsunade: [8/10]

(Episodes 107-135) Sasuke Rescue Mission: [10/10]

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