Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

All major releases of the year ranked worst to best in terms of my personal expectations.


36. Jumanji 3 (No title confirmed) – December 12th


  • ‘The Rock’, Kevin Hart and Jack Black in the sequel to an already commercially successful movie. Too bad that I don’t like either of the actors nor the last movie.

35. Sonic the Hedgehog – November 8th


  • Sonic from the video games gets his own movie?! Too bad that the games are already the worst and no one really asked for this. Yet I’m willing to watch it in hopes of being positively surprised.

34. Men in Black: International – June 14th


  • I was so excited about the announcement of this movie and it’s cast. But you just need to watch the trailer to know its going to be bad…

33. Frozen 2 – November 2nd


  • I haven’t watched the first one… But hey, its the sequel to the most successful animated movie of all time!

32. Chaos Walking – March 1st


  • Let’s see how young actors Tom Holland (current Spider-Man actor) and Daisy Ridley (Rey from Star Wars) can perform in this apocalyptic sci-fi movie. This might be the movie where they can prove themselves worthy of being the hollywood stars they are.

31. Aladdin – May 24th


  • One of the 3 huge live-action Disney remakes of the year. I love the original but so far pictures of Will Smith as the Genie have rather served as memes than as source of excitement…

30. Terminator 6 (No title confirmed) – November 1st


  • The two last movies were garbage, but hey, James Cameroon is back, supervising the movie as a producer. Terminator might be good again. But I wouldn’t get my hopes high…

29. Dumbo – March 29th


  • The second life-action Disney remake of the list and we already have a trailer for this one! And its pretty heart-warming.

28. Hobbs And Shaw – July 26th


  • First Fast & Furious spin-off ever. And it’s one with two characters whose relationship was one of the highlights in the last installment of the franchise!

27. Toy Story 4 – June 20th


  • The big Disney & Pixar movie of the year. All movie coming from this collaboration are good. No exceptions.

26. How to Train Your Dragon 3 – (Release date not confirmed)


  • These guys know how to tell a huge compelling story in animated movies. This trilogy is like the Lord of the Rings of animated movies and this movie might be it’s Return of the King.

25. Kingsman 3 (No title confirmed) – November 8th


  • Kingsman is a great new franchise bringing fresh wind to the industry with its style and action. I’m excited to see how well this third installment performs.

24. Dark Phoenix – June 7th


  • The trailer to this X-Men movie looks awesome. But the last two X-Men movies were garbage and the story of this one has already been told in the original X-Men trilogy. I’m excited but also very sceptic.

23. Alita: Battle Angel – February 14th


  • Good production value, great cast, sci-fi, the producers behind Avatar and Titanic. If only the plot wouldn’t look so generic in the trailer…

22. Shazam! – April 5th


  • DC comics is bringing us a new super-hero movie with a great touch of humor. Lately DC has proven that they don’t know what their fans want. With Aquaman and this movie they seem to have taken a new direction. Let’s see how it works out!

21. Hellboy – April 12th


  • The original movies directed by Guillermo del Toro were awesome, plus I’m excited to see Stranger Things’ David Harbour as the new Hellboy. But the trailer doesn’t look as obscure as fans would want it to be. It even looks… kind of bad. As a fan, it hurts to write that.

20. Captain Marvel – March 8th


  • I’ve always been excited about every movie belonging to Disney’s MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), but after what happened in Avengers: Infinity War, it doesn’t feel good having to watch a movie which plot plays before that. Yet lately Disney has been nailing every movie of the MCU!

19. Gemini Man – October 4th


  • Very little is known about this movie. But seeing Will Smith as an elite assassin accompanied with a set of elite actors must be good.

18. Wonder Woman 1984 – June 5th


  • The first Wonder Woman was awesome! I think that’s reason enough to be excited for this one.

17. Detective Pikachu – May


  • Am I going to see all my favourite Pokemons in a huge live-action hollywood movie?! Damn yeah! Ow, and Deadpool will be voice acting Pikachu, how awesome is that?!

16. Godzilla: King of the Monsters – May 31st


  • The first movie was good but still kind of disappointing. The last King Kong movie sucked. So why do I still mention the later one? At the end of Kong: Skull Island a joint cinematic universe with Godzilla, King Kong and more monsters was teased. I hope this movie gets it started. Plus the trailer looks awesome!

15. Brightburn – May 24th


  • A horror movie where Super Man grows up to be a psychopathic killer instead of a hero? Tell me more!

14. Zombieland 2 – October 11th


  • Zombieland is an awesome modern classic mixing comedy with post-apocalyptic zombie horror. And back then Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone were just some nobodies. I’m sure this movie can perform incredibly well with a higher budget and this cast of, now, superstars.

13. It: Chapter 2 Two – September 6th


  • It was not trending like crazy on social media for no reason, the movie was very good! Now with all characters being adults the possibility opens up to make the movie even darker. And in my terms that would mean: Even better!

12. The Irishman – (Release date not confirmed)


  • The next movie of master mind director Martin Scorsese, together with a cast of some of the best actors of all time. I do not know more about this movie. And i think I don’t need to.

11. The New Mutants – August 2nd


  • The second X-Men movie in this list, but this one is totally different. A horror movie in the X-Men universe with some of the best young actors! The trailer looks great!

10. John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum – May 16th


  • What good raw action franchises do we have nowadays? Probably just good old Mission Impossible. AND THIS! The two previous movies were very good and have established the franchise. Now it has had enough character development and world-building to make this a legendary one!

9. Spider-Man: Far From Home – July 5th


  • The first marvel cinematic universe movie after Avengers: Endgame! This movie will show us the direction the franchise will take after it’s 11 year long Thanos arc. Plus Jake Gyllenhaal plays a major role! Ah, and who doesn’t love Spidey?

8. Joker – October 4th


  • Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad wasn’t too good and did not honor Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight, a.k.a. the best villain in movie history. Now the joker gets his own movie, telling his origin story, and who better to play him than Joaquin Phoenix?! I just hope the director doesn’t fuck it up, his best success so far has been the Hangover trilogy. Oh my…

7. Glass – January 18th


  • M. Night Shyamalan surprised everyone by linking his recent movie Split, with his year 2000 movie Unbreakable, and therefore teasing his very own ‘superhuman’ cinematic universe. Now its happening! Plus this man is always good for some mind blowing twists and exactly what I want!

6. Lion King – July 19th


  • The Lion King! Is it me and my childhood memories or is this the most legendary animated movie Disney has ver made? The trailer looks great and Disney seems to be taking this movie very seriously. Very excited to watch it! I hope I wont cry… again.

5. Us – March 22nd


  • The next movie of Get Out writer and director Jordan Peele. I loved Get Out and this movie seems to be going into the same direction, but taking everything even further. Jordan Peele does not tell classical horror stories, but much rather socio-critical plots you can actually make sense of. Try not to get goosebumps when watching the trailer.

4. Avengers: Endgame – April 26th


  • The last Avengers movie was stunningly awesome and left audiences in the whole world with one of the meanest cliffhangers in movie history. That’s all I got to say.

3. Ad Astra – May 24th


  • Not much is known about this movie: A science-fiction drama starring Brad Pitt, where the protagonist goes to outer space driven by personal bonds. Kinda sounds like Interstellar and thats enough to make my eyes shine bright.

2. Star Wars: Episode IX – December 19th


  • This will be the end of the third Star Wars trilogy and the ends of the trilogies have always been the best for me so far. But I’ve been waiting for a good story during the last two movies, so this is the very last shot. Don’t fuck it up Disney, PLEASE!

1. Once Upon a Time In Hollywood – July 26th


  • Yeah, that’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt together in a movie. Oh, and did I mention it is a drama written and directed by movie genius Quentin Tarantino? Need any more reasons to why this is my nr.1? I don’t think so.

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