Deadpool 3 announced despite Disney acquisition

The amazing success of the first two installments took everyone by surprise. The first Deadpool movie with its moderate budget was not only the most successful R rated movie (18+) of all time, but it made more money than any movie from the X-Men franchise to which it belongs. The rights to this franchise belong to 20th Century Fox, a company that is currently in the process of being acquired by the most family friendly business in cinema, Walt Disney.

2018’s Deadpool 2 was also a huge success but yet, with all planned movies of the X-Men franchise being cancelled due to the acquisition by Disney and Deadpool’s mature target group contrary to Disney’s values, the future for fans hoping for a new Deadpool movie did not look to bright. Yet, to everyone’s surprise, Ryan Reynolds, leading actor and executive producer of the series has official announced that Deadpool 3 is in the making!

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