Shazam! (2019)

Rating: 7/10



(+) Constantly super funny! Who would have thought, that DC can do that?

(+) Amazing special effects.

(+) Very relatable main characters, discovering their super-powers step by step in interesting ways.

(+) The movie has several surprises to offer, that are not shown at all in the trailer.

(+) Heart warming origin story, thematizing family over everything.

(+) Great camera work.

(+) Great acting performances.

(+) Good soundtrack.

(-) Action scenes are totally uncreative, as in every DC movie. Indestructible characters just hitting each other in the middle of a lot of special effects.

(-) Climax is too long and over-the-top and rather unsatisfying.

(-) Awful, hyper-generic villain.


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