Top 20 Movies 2018

20. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The second installment of the Jurassic World trilogy sure wasn’t too critically acclaimed, but the amazing special effects, the sheer amount of epic situations and my love for dinos helped me love this movie. The movie has an increased amount of dark horror like scenes, reminding one of the very first Jurassic Park masterpiece and the cliffhanger ending has me very hyped for a continuation. (Read my review here)


19. A Star Is Born

This movie was so emotionally catching that it should have been way higher up. It is fantastically crafted and stunningly acted, but I just can’t see past the flaws it has in its script. Find out more about it in my review. (Read my review here)


18. Searching


The first surprise on this list! Searching is not only a thriller, with a plot worthy of Hitchcock, but also an experimental movie where movie goers only see what is going on on screens of computers or televisions during the whole plot. And it works so well!



17. Deadpool 2


Not as good as the first movie, but still good and funny enough to be hilarious. The persons making these movies are total maniacs of breaking third walls and making fun of society, their audience included! (Read my review here)


16. Annihalation


This movie is definitely special. It isn’t as good as it could potentially be, otherwise it may even have been the best movie of the year. Somehow it is incredibly beautiful, also super creepy and somehow very innovative. Too bad that the plot didn’t give me the satisfying answers I needed to give it a 10. It’s on Netflix, come on, go watch it!

15. Black Panther


An incredible box office success and the movie deserves it! This movie is different to other super-hero movies in many things. Different to most movies in fact! This incredibly beautiful mixture of scf-fi-like technology and traditional african society, plus the movie’s emotionally catching plot with its great villains is more than enough to make it into this list. (Read my review here)

14. First Man


This Neil Armstrong bio-pic is super emotionally catching and incredibly well crafted. It even earned a well deserved oscar for best special effects! Just watch it. (Read my review here)

13. The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs

La balade de Buster Scruggs - netfli

The movie basically consists of 6 short-films, totally independent from one another. Each of them catches the essence of some classic western movie in perfection. The movie is perfectly crafted and has an incredible cast. It is a Netflix production, so no excuse to not go watch it right now! (Read my review here)

12. Isle Of Dogs


This stop-motion animated film by Wes Anderson is totally unique. It tells a compelling story with a great amount of social criticism, yet pledging Anderson’s love to dogs and Asia very clearly. It also has an incredible ensemble of stars as voice actors like Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Edward Norton (Fight Club), Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park) or Scarlett Johansson (Y’all know her). A must see, that went under the radar for most people.

11. Creed II


The first Creed was already awesome and the second installment is equally good. Visually appealing and emotionally catching. A very old-school hollywood plot, but driven to perfection. The Rocky saga is officially revived.

10. Sicario: Day Of The Soldado


Oh wow, the first Sicario movie was so incredibly good. This movie doesn’t manage to get up to the same level, but it gets close. Raw action, great images, even better sound and all in a pretty realistic manner. I’m excited to see a continuation! (Read my review here)

9. Vice


What’s better than a drama based on totally insane true events? What if these true events shaped the world we live in today? What if Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Sam Rockwell were staring in this drama? One of the best movies of the year is what comes out, that’s what happens.

8. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse


Amazing animation styler, like never seen before, a pretty mature but yet funny touch and a plot different from what you generally expect from an animated spider-man movie. This movie surprises in many things and is most definitely one of the best animated movies of all time. (Read my review here)

7. Green Book

Green Book

This movie won several oscars, including best movie and best supporting actor. In my opinion Vigo Mortensen even deserved the oscar for best leading actor. This movie is hollywood at its best, typical but driven to perfection. Very emotionally catching and with a lot of social criticism. Not my movie of the year, but definitely one of the best.

6. Hereditary


Wow, this horror flick is so tense, I wouldn’t be able to watch it another time. Wonderfully crafted and acted, full of surprises and definitely scary. One of the best horror movies of all time! (Read my review here)

5. Love Simon


Crafted with love, having a simple plot that hooks the audience and containing a group of very relatable characters. That’s all this movie needs to make you love it. The simplicity with which it thematizes usual teenage problems and treats with characters of different sexual orientations is something rarely seen in hollywood. This movie isn’t just another teenie flick, it is a lesson about life.

4. Upgrade


A movie came completely out of nowhere for me and sadly went totally under the radar for most people. A short movie, full of raw action, that looks like it had to be filmed with alien technology or something. In a great looking futuristic setting full of great sci-fi ideas we get some of the best action I’ve seen in many years. (Read my review here)

3. Mission: Impossible – Fallout


Yet another action movie! This one didn’t come out of nowhere but it surprised me even more than upgrade. No one was expecting anything from the sixth installment of this never-ending series, but Tom Cruise has managed to prove everyone wrong. A movie that actually builds up on previous movies, that brings back one of the greatest villains of the series and contains some of the best action scenes to date. This movie is huge and bombastic and does almost everything right! (Read my Review here)

2. Bohemian Rhapsody


This movie had to be on the list. So well acted, so emotionally catching and so wonderfully crafted. Bohemian Rhapsody is not only a movie about Freddie Mercury’s life, it is Freddie Mercury’s revival! Bringing him back into everyone’s heads and ears, even of people who did not even know who he was before watching the movie. A true masterpiece and my second best movie of the year. (Read my review here)

1. Avengers: Infinity War


Wow… If a couple of years ago someone would have told me that an Avengers movie could be my movie of the year I wouldn’t have been able to believe it. I’ve always liked Marvel movies, some more than others, but I never knew what those movies where building towards and every movie definitely had some flaws. But this movie wraps it all up. All characters have been introduced and characterized in around 20 movies before this one and this movie could concentrate on what it had to: A memorable villain and a remarkable plot. I could write a whole article about why Thanos is one of the best written villains of all time and the plot develops towards everything you wouldn’t expect from a super-hero movie, I can tell no more. Great job marvel, I’m excited for whats coming next! (Read my review here)


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