Why Star Wars IX is called “The Rise Of The Skywalker”



When Disney finally announced the title of Star Wars IX: “The Rise Of The Skywalker”, fans wasted no time speculating intensely about what this could mean. Who is rising? Which Skywalker does the title refer to? Is one of the trilogy’s main characters actually a member of the Skywalker family? Click here to watch the new Star Wars IX trailer and make up your own opinion!

Nothing is confirmed yet but tons of fan theories have risen from the title. Here you can check out the top 4 theories so far:


1. The ghost of the Skywalker rises:

At the end of the first Star Wars IX trailer we can hear the evil laugh of emperor Palpatine, indicating that he might appear in the movie. But he doesn’t necessarily need to be alive to appear, we’ve seen dead characters come back as ghosts in several movie, including master Yoda in the last installment of the trilogy. The rumor spread amongst Star Wars fans that this movie’s final battle might be between Kylo Ren and Rey, who are both joined by the ghosts representative for their forces, Palpatine for the dark side and either Luke Skywalker or Anakin Skywalker for the light , thus becoming the Skywalker who rises.



2. Kylo ren rises:

This theory suggests that the rise of the Skywalker isn’t about neither Anakin nor Luke, but about Kylo Ren, aka. Ben Solo, who actually has Skywalker blood running through his veins thanks to his mother Leia. The theory suggests that the movie will be about Ben’s rising from the dark, returning to the light and proving himself as a true Skywalker.


3. The Skywalker dynasty:

One more popular theory says that the name Skywalker in the title wouldn’t have to stand for a single person at all. Some fans believe that Skywalker will be the new name for the Jedi and that Rey will lead them to bring peace to the galaxy. The Skywalker name might be included in the ancient Jedi texts that Rey took from the mystical tree before Yoda burnt it down in Star Wars VIII. The books contain all that Rey would need to teach a new generation of warriors called “Skywalkers”, which might stand for a combination of Jedi and Sith, just as Anakin Skywalker’s character suggests and showing that as everything in life: everything has good and bad in it and it’s actually just about doing the right thing. This idea would also connect to the title of Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, confirming that Luke was indeed the last Jedi since all future Force-sensistive persons would be known as “Skywalkers”.


4. Another character turns out to be a Skywalker:

It could turn out that, as teased in the previous movies, Rey is actually a Skywalker, or that another yet totally unknown character is (like one of the force-sensitive kids at the end of Star Wars VIII) and the movie is all about protecting him and helping him rise. If this theory came to be true, the movie would also lay the ground for a future trilogy with new characters and a new story-line, which would be much in Disney’s interest.


But the truth is: we simply don’t know what this title means and only patience until the movie comes out will tell us the truth. I wish you all good luck during your wait!

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