Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Rating: 7/10



(+) Fan service at its best, it is a dream come true to see so many Pokemon come alive like this.

(+) Great aesthetics and world building. The city looks awesome and very alive.

(+) Amazing special effects, the Pokemon and their abilities look awesome!

(+) Constantly pretty funny!

(+) The plot has some nice surprising twists to offer.

(+) Action scenes are creative and very entertaining.

(+) Fantastic voice acting for Pikachu! I can totally see why they picked Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) for the role!

(+) Great soundtrack.

(-) Pretty mediocre acting performances

(-) In some scenes with a lot of action involving humans the special effects can look pretty ugly.

(-) Plot is too emotionally manipulative, without fulfilling it’s purpose.

(-) Not much of a detective movie after all, since the protagonists are not overly involved in the solving of the mysteries set up.


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