The Big Bang Theory (Whole Show)

Average Rating: 6,8/10



(+) All characters end up growing into your heart.

(+) Great accuracy when talking about science, historical events or any type of random fact. Nothing here is made up for comedy.

(+) Does great at capturing nerd-culture, quiet a few people of our generation might see themselves in some character.

(+) Pretty much every episode will make you laugh.

(+) Character evolution takes its time. But at least there is some, unlike in other sitcoms.

(+) Characters are often put into situations that feel relatable and that the audience can learn from.

(+) The characters complement each other to perfect harmony.

(+) With the vast amount of episodes that have been released it seems incredible how the show has managed to keep a good constant level throughout these 12 years.

(+) Great celebrity co-staring in a lot of episodes (Steven Hawking, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Hamill, etc…).

(-) Acting performances often tend to be rather mediocre.

(-) At least a couple of bad episodes slipped their way into every season.

(-) Jokes regarding character traits end up repeating themselves way too often.


Season Ratings:

Season 1: 6,6/10

Season 2: 6,2/10

Season 3: 6,8/10

Season 4: 7,1/10

Season 5: 6,1/10

Season 6: 6,5/10

Season 7: 6,9/10

Season 8: 7/10

Season 9: 7,3/10

Season 10: 7,1/10

Season 11: 7,3/10

Season 12: 7/10

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