Aladdin (2019)

Rating: 8/10



(+) Visually gorgeous, great costumes and amazing special effects, all very colorful.

(+) Great soundtrack but not too much time wasted on the songs, just the way I like it!

(+) Musical pieces are all very visually appealing and some have amazing choreographies!

(+) The movie is constantly funny, get ready to laugh a lot! I did not expect that.

(+) Great acting performances.

(+) Transmits a couple of great underlying messages for younger audiences.

(+) Fancy camera work!

(+) If you watched and liked the animated movie you’ll appreciate in every single scene how loyal they stayed to it. Hopefully they’ll do the same for the Lion King remake, the formula is simple and works!

(-) Rather boring and annoying villain. (Maybe badly casted?)

(-) The plot is very generic. I know it is just a remake of the animated movie but you simply can’t look over the simplicity of the story.

(-) All characters and their relations are also as generic as they can get.

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