Hellboy (2019)

Rating: 6/10



(+) A couple of amazing planned action sequences, with no camera cut and hilarious effects. Very enjoyable!

(+) Great character/monster design.

(+) Visually gorgeous, great costumes and amazing set designs, all with great style.

(+) I was impressed by how dark and gory the movie had the guts to be.

(+) Occasionally very funny, I laughed a lot several times!

(+) The movie often gets self-ironic regarding it’s plot and content, you can feel that this is a comic book adaptation.

(-) The plot is incredibly stupid and foreseeable.

(-) The characters and their evolutions and motivations feel rather lazily written.

(-) Many dialogues are pretty dumb and pointless.

(-) The script feels all over the place, you never really know why things are happening and what the movie is expecting from you.

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