Godzilla: King Of Monsters (2019)

Rating: 6/10



(+) The monster battles are awesome!

(+) Amazing monster design, in general the movie is visually perfect.

(+) The movie does great on expanding its cinematic universe, the so called “Monsterverse”.

(+) Incredibly good sound design!

(+) Great social criticism, with the monsters representing the powers of nature that might overtake us if we keep destroying our planet.

(+) This movie ads a kind of mythological side to the monsters that feels fresh in comparison to other m

(-) The plot is incredibly stupid and foreseeable.

(-) All action sequences involving humans are terrible, the cameras are always shaking, there are uncountable cuts and you never quite get what’s happening.

(-) All dialogues are absolutely simple and stupid, allowing no depth for neither plot nor characters.

(-) All characters are awfully written, you just can’t sympathize with any of them.

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