Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Rating: 8/10



(+) The movie as some of the most visually impressive scenes ever seen on the MCU. And i’m not talking about action 😉

(+) A great sympathetic villain with enough character depth and relatable motivations.

(+) The movie as a slight romantic touch that feels pretty natural and really heartwarming.

(+) Gorgeous special effects, effectively showing crazy high tech, as well as some other ‘fantastic otherworldly things’.

(+) The movie as a refreshing touch of humor, that will make you love all characters.

(+) Great super entertaining action sequences.

(+) Fantastic soundtrack with some great throwback to other movies of the franchise.

(+) Amazing costume and set designs!

(-) It feels like Peter Parker is a little bit too cool and not nearly as nerdy as we are used to see him.

(-) Some plot twists don’t feel as shocking as they are intended to be.

(-) The plot and certain relationships feel a little bit to unnaturally constructed in order to reach certain situations.

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