Chernobyl (Miniseries)

Average Rating: 9,8/10


(+) The show is strictly basing itself on the true events that happened at Chernobyl. This lifts it above the art of entertainment, it is spectacular history class about the biggest catastrophe in modern history.

(+) Incredibly thrilling, specially if you don’t know a lot about what actually happened at Chernobyl.

(+) Where there special effects on this show? There must have been. But they are so good that they are absolutely unrecognizable!

(+) Amazing acting performances!

(+) Fantastically written dialogues. This show is smart AF!

(+) Great character development, given the short amount of time this show lasts.

(+) Highly complicated science is made very understandable for regular viewers.

(+) Perfect camera work.

(+) The show doesn’t shy back from showing the inhuman consequences of being exposed to great amounts of radiation.

(+) Nice bit of social criticism. In this case it is concretely to the soviet union, but somehow I’m getting the feeling that it is also transferable to many current governments.

(-) We don’t get to know the protagonists properly until the second episode, feeling a little bit lost during the first episode. In cade of this miniseries that’s a fifth of the show.


Episode Ratings:

Episode 1 [9/10]

Episode 2 [10/10]

Episode 3 [10/10]

Episode 4 [10/10]

Episode 5 [10/10]

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