Spider-Man (2002)

Rating: 7/10



(+) Fantastically presented origin story! Loved watching Spidey discovering his powers again!

(+) Constantly pretty funny!

(+) Nicely developing romance between Peter Parker and MJ.

(+) Very well characterized Peter Parker, this one is probably even the nerdiest one we’ve seen on the big screen!

(+) Fantastic acting performances.

(+) Very nice practical effects!

(+) Good interesting villain!

(+) Good soundtrack.

(-) Ow those computer generated special effects look really bad…

(-) Not a lot of Spidey action, there barely are some fight scenes and nearly no swinging around.

(-) In general the movie hasn’t aged very well, it looks very old… Unbelievable that movies like Lord of The Rings or Matrix are older but look and sound so much better.


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