Stranger Things (Season 3)

Average Rating: 8,8/10


(+) The show is super catchy and intriguing, you wont wanna stop watching it. There’s always something real happening and yet you never know what’s going to happen next!

(+) A lot of very emotionally catching moments, this season will make you cry, laugh out loud and in the next moment you could be so frightened you won’t wanna go to sleep.

(+) Pretty much all characters get their heartwarming moments and they all end up growing into your heart.

(+) The special effects are on point, you can see the budget that has flown into this season thanks to the success of the show.

(+) Amazing soundtrack topping the previous seasons with more legendary 80’s songs!

(+) Incredibly good and very creative camera work.

(+) The show doesn’t shy back from showing great brutality with surprisingly high realism.

(+) Great set and costume design, you literally feel like you’re watching something from the 80’s.

(+) Good acting performances.

(-) There are some pointless villains that can get pretty annoying. (Terminator rip-off for example…)

(-) Some characters are unnaturally pushed into conclusions by the fast pace of the script.

(-) The several different plot lines feel too isolated from each other until the very end of the season.


Episode Ratings:

Episode 1 [9/10]

Episode 2 [8/10]

Episode 3 [8/10]

Episode 4 [9/10]

Episode 5 [8/10]

Episode 6 [9/10]

Episode 7 [9/10]

Episode 8 [10/10]

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