The Lion King (2019)

Rating: 7/10



(+) The movie looks fantastic, it’s incredible how animation has come this far in just a couple of years!

(+) Great underlying messages regarding the circle of life and coming of age.

(+) Great songs and even better soundtrack!

(+) Stunningly beautiful sets. Too little movies take place in Africa!

(+) Fantastic voice acting.

(+) Often very funny!

(+) Occasionally it can get pretty emotionally catching.

(+) The movie remains very loyal to the original. For some this might be negative, but given how great the original was, i’ll note this as positive!

(-) The characters (animals) are super realistic, which sadly leads to them being way less memorable than in the cartoon.

(-) Some great songs were missing and those that were still there were even shortened, why have they casted such great singers for that???

(-) Due to the extreme realistic approach the animals have nearly no facial expression and don’t manage to transmit emotions, while the voice often act extremely emotional.


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