Money Heist (Season 3)

Rating: 8,4/10


(+) Super thrilling plot with great cliffhangers that can get you totally hooked at the end of each episode.

(+) Well told heist story with fresh ideas.

(+) It is fantastic to see the heist from the perspective of the robbers and the police alike.

(+) Superb cinematography.

(+) Characters are very well characterized.

(+) Great constellation of characters that fit very well together and with the plot.

(+) ‘The Profesor’ is a very interesting, smart ‘heist master mind’ protagonist.

(+) Fantastic soundtrack.

(+) Great acting performances.

(-) Some not totally relatable character behaviours just to move the plot forward or to create some filler problem.

(-) The two first episodes, reopening the plot that was supposed to be finished with the two first seasons, are pretty weak.

Episode Ratings:

Episode 1: [7/10]

Episode 2: [7/10]

Episode 3: [9/10]

Episode 4:[10/10]

Episode 5: [8/10]

Episode 6: [8/10]

Episode 7: [8/10]

Episode 8: [10/10]


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