Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

Rating: 4/10



(+) Crazy good special effects.

(+) Fine acting performances.

(+) A couple of action scenes are fantastic.

(+) The slow-motion scenes and scenes look fantastic.

(+) Great soundtrack and costume design.

(+) Constant action.

(+) Occasionally funny.

(-) The villains are as generic as they can get.

(-) The main characters are constantly trying to teach audiences superficial lessons about life and friendship in incredibly cheesy dialogues.

(-) The movie doesn’t miss out on the franchises tradition of over-sexualization of women.

(-) The plot is absolutely stupid and foreseeable.

(-) In most action scenes there is so much happening and with so many special effects that you actually don’t get a single thing of what’s happening.

(-) In action scenes involving the female protagonist you constantly see that it is a muscular man doubling her, awful.

(-) The dialogues are incredibly dumb and manipulative.

(-) Characters and their character evolution feel totally unnatural and annoying.

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