Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019)

Rating: 8/10



(+) Crazy good acting performances! What else did you expect with that cast and a director that squeezes every drop of talent out of his actors?

(+) All dialogues are fantastic, I could watch dialogues written by Tarantino all day long with no need for a plot!

(+) The finale is hilarious!

(+) Amazing cinematography.

(+) The movie captures the 60’s/70’s like no other modern film I haver ever seen and for that reason it is destined an instant classic.

(+) Great build up of tension throughout the whole movie, even better if you know about the historic event the plot is based on.

(+) Occasionally very funny, this might be one of the most comedic movies made by Tarantino so far.

(+) Amazing characterization of top tier celebrities!

(+) Great soundtrack.

(-) Although I recognize the purpose of Sharon Tate’s (the female protagonist’s) plot line, it turns out to be a total bait we spend a little to much time with. I can’t explain no further without spoiling.

(-) The movie is 161 minutes long and a real slow burner. What for some might be an inspired trip to life 50 years back in time might cost almost 3 hours of boredom for a huge part of the audience.

One thought on “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019)

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