The Irishman (2019)

Rating: 9/10



(+) Crazy good acting performances! What else did you expect with such and experienced cast and a director that squeezes every drop of talent out of his actors? It’s amazing to see these senior actors taking major dramatic roles again!

(+) Watching this movie feels like watching one of the classic mafia epics of the 80’s for the first time. This movie has no reason to shy away from masterpieces like the godfather or goodfellas.

(+) It feels wonderful to watch the characters grow old and comprehensively evolving meanwhile.

(+) All dialogues are well thought through, fantastic screenwriting!

(+) Many scenes are loaded with great tension.

(+) Amazing cinematography mixing the best of the gangster classics with everything great modern technology is offering filmmakers nowadays.

(+) The movie captures the 70’s/80’s like like very few movies can manage to do nowadays.

(+) In order to see a broad lifespan of the main characters the actors have been made younger or older with great makeup and special effects.

(+) Great characters with great character evolution!

(-) The movie is three and a half hours long and although it feels great to accompany the characters through such an epic odyssey the movie still has its lengths where audiences can occasionally feel lost and bored.

2 thoughts on “The Irishman (2019)

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