“The Boys” Season 2 – Review

Rating: 8,1/10



(+) Every single scene is incredibly stylized and looks awesome! You can truly recognize the comic book origins of this show!

(+) Fantastic critique on big capitalistic corporations and the entertainment industry.

(+) The show doesn’t shy back from showing a lot of brutality and sexual content. Incredibly mature, given that this is a show involving superheroes.

(+) Stunning cinematography!

(+) The acting performances are great! Everyone is shinning in their roles, but specially Butcher and Homelander steal the show!

(+) The plot is great and feels like something very fresh and different. Super catchy!

(+) The special effects are on point.

(+) Occasionally very funny!

(+) Amazing soundtrack with lots of legendary songs always setting the right mood!

(+) Amazing set and costume design.

(-) The plot development gets a little bit stuck in the middle of the season. Surely there is always something interesting happening, but the main plot-line just wasn’t moving forward.

(-) Some of the social criticism feels a little bit too forced and “in your face”.

Episode Ratings:

Episode 1 [8/10]

Episode 2 [8/10]

Episode 3 [8/10]

Episode 4 [7/10]

Episode 5 [9/10]

Episode 6 [9/10]

Episode 7 [7/10]

Episode 8 [7/10]

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